Welcome all visitors! We hope you enjoy the display in the Horsefair. As the artists display their work, so their details will appear here; if you wish to buy a piece of art, get in touch.

Please do consider supporting the project in this way as all costs and work is currently being covered by volunteers and the artists themselves, thankyou!

Currently displaying:

A number of local artists, brought together in one group to show the variety of work that has been offered for exhibition. We chose to put up as many as we could, contrasting colour, style and format. We had problems keeping them straight in this fenland town, just like at home…

Last month’s work:
Shelley Youell, Spiritual Art

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Good to hear that a popup art space is happening in Wisbech. I wondered if you had thought about adding some information about it to http://www.cambridgeshire.net ? It free to add details . The website lists information about community groups, classes and events and and you can include a link to wisbechartspace.com. It another way you can spead the word about this and give some publicity to popup art.

  2. Hi Julie! Thanks for the comment, I’ll set up a login for this there, unless it can be added to the one I already have; I’ll login and check. Great to hear from you, thanks! Lorena

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