Virtual Arts Trail

Wisbech Projects CIC is proud to have received Arts Council funding to support the organisation during this difficult time.

The Arts Council has also funded Wisbech Projects CIC to run a 6 month project to showcase local artists and create new connections as well as strengthen those already connected.

The Wisbech Virtual Arts Trail is part of Connecting Wisbech, a project to link communities, organisations and individuals across the area.

Using this website for the Virtual Arts Trail, let’s celebrate all the creative people in the area (that’s everyone!) and maybe invite a few special guests to join us too, watch this space 🙂

If you have created something during lockdown, or would like to contribute any piece of work, firstly send us an email at

By sending in your work you are giving permission for us to use it publicly here and on our social media

Some work will be chosen to go in the Minecraft Map (we will tell you if we do that and send you screenshots for your own use)


We can accept fairly large files, but try to keep them under 1Mb for photos of work, and upload bigger sound or video files to Vimeo or SoundCloud and send us the link. We can help you with this.

We’re looking for poets, artists, makers, creators, crafters, photographers, gamers, everyone is welcome to participate!

We will showcase as much of the work as we can here on this website.

We are also building a trail within a Minecraft map which will enable all the Minecraft players out there to show the results to their families and play the game with others.

We’ll add screenshots from the game to this website as we go.

We’re so looking forward to seeing your work, don’t be shy, send something in!