A Recipe – Kim Allen

A Recipe – Kim Allen

A Recipe for Beginning Afresh using lockdown store cupboard ingredients.

Before the counting’s done,

while it’s still fresh,

take one wobbly cyclist

newly confident on empty roads.

A cup of watching nature in the garden.

At least 500g of birdsong,

feel free to add more to taste.

As much as you can find of empty skies

and smog free air.

A handful of daily walks.

A good slug of care and compassion.

A tablespoon of acting for the greater good.

A smidge of clap for carers if you fancy.

3 cups of verges brimming with wildflowers.

A litre of clearer water from Venice.

Add all the ingredients and mix.

Don’t forget the cherry on top

Lower Carbon Dioxide emissions.

Serve anytime, day or night.

There’s more than enough,

to enjoy right now

and leave to prove

the benefits for future generations

Kim Allen