Doggerland, Dunwich, Dogsthorpe – Cardinal Cox  

Doggerland, Dunwich, Dogsthorpe – Cardinal Cox  
Inspired by Whittlesey Mere and climate change
The water’s waiting to once more come back 
To surge and refill old Whittlesea Mere 
One spring tide the foam will front the attack 
Sometime soon white-topped waves will be back here 
The old rivers flood and dykes overflow 
That new housing estate? One big puddle 
Rich black peat fields fill, it will not be slow 
Every retirement plan now a muddle 
Those seldom glimpsed marsh flowers again bloom
Pike swim after eels amongst garden sheds 
Toads sit proud on lichen touched churchyard tombs 
There’s thick lillies over concrete gnomes’ heads 
Clouds gathering out over the North Sea 
Million tonnes of ice waiting to be free.