Jane Stuart – by Cardinal Cox

Jane Stuart – by Cardinal Cox
Jane Stuart, illegitimate daughter of King James II who is buried in the garden of the Quaker Friends House on North Brink and lived in the basement of what is now an Antiques shop, “Granny’s Cupboard”, off Old Market.

Jane Stuart
(1654 – 1742)

Natural princess in a basement room
Raised as a maid to stepmother the Queen
She learnt deportment and to serve unseen
A royal sire but from a common womb

Descends to county town from palace heights
Walking from the city into the fen
This is the quiet bird, the humble wren
She is granted grace of an Inward Light

Sat so silent in the Meeting House hall
Summer she took her scythe to the fields
Winter, silver is spun from flax and wool

So distant from midnight chimes at the ball
The mistress at bringing in the yield
And so her small pantry is rendered full