Lockdown House Call – Kim Allen

Lockdown House Call – Kim Allen


Every day’s the same

Except today, the day my Swallow came

Swooping low, wheeling back

An accomplished aerial acrobat.

Taking a moment to stop and chat,

he told the tale of his journey 

From South Africa to here.

Asked politely where I’d been.

The big Tesco last week

and to the park each day,

only for an hour though,

I sighed in reply.

He told me about his flock.

Making murmurations,

flying in formation,

roosting together.

I shared anecdotes

Of cats interrupting

Work from home conference calls

and virtual socialising fails

He cocked his head

Nodded once.

took flight and left.

Will he return?

Tomorrow, I’ll be waiting.

No more time to wallow

I’ll stay at home, hoping

looking for my swallow.

Kim Allen