Tom’s Football Game – Cardinal Cox

Tom’s Football Game – Cardinal Cox
A figure stands in Walpole St. Peter’s churchyard 
Raised for Tom Hickathrift, the hero of the fen
I will tell you this tale, although I am no bard 
About Tom, mighty giant amongst lesser men 
One Sunday when all good folk were in church to pray 
A crooked figure stood outside the churchyard wall
Yelled a challenge, “Hey Tom, why don’t you come and play?”
And the twisted form stood by a mighty stone ball
Now proud Tom could not resist so joined in the game 
They kicked the boulder between them for many hours 
Tom knew he did not need to ask the other’s name 
His opponent had a horned head and strange powers 
The game ran from morning to end of evensong 
When Tom won the game had lasted 12 hours long.