Wisbech Art Space came from a discussion between Kevin Smith and Lorena Hodgson. The Crafts Conundrum was already something they worked on together, involving using shop windows to display letters to put together to win a prize as part of the Wisbech Arts Festival. Using an empty shop for a longer period, and displaying as much art and craft as possible, including workshops and demonstrations, was something Lorena had been planning, but without funding for costs it is very difficult to do. The landlords of the Horsefair, however, were pleased with the success of the Crafts Conundrum and were willing to go one step further. The shop that is now Costa Coffee was the first choice, but of course getting a tenant in was essential, so the window space now being used was offered and gratefully accepted.
While a longer term place is being investigated, and preferably one that allows more interaction, the space in the Horsefair is perfectly positioned and is working well.

Displaying local art to local people is important for Wisbech as it will show that there are artists in this area, and their work is appreciated. Local people do want to see art, and enjoy discussing and admiring it. It has been said that there is a low uptake of cultural provision in the area, but initiatives like the Art Space intend to improve that.

For more details regarding the concept, the people behind it or to offer help, get in touch with Lorena Hodgson.

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