Patricia Stone

I first met Patricia when she came the Peterborough Heritage Festival Craft Market and I thought then that her work should be in a gallery setting. Some months later and I was finally able to organise that for her!

Patricia’s beautiful paintings are created with melted wax. They have a soft quality to them that is relaxing and the concept behind the work is that energy from her spiritual guides is infused into the work. She will take commissions, so get in touch via comments and I will pass them on.

Patricia says:
” I am a pharmacist, spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner with many years of experience. I have combined my love of art with my healing ability to produce a way of transmitting healing energy through encaustic art. As I paint I infuse energy from my guides into the painting, so that when you look at it you receive healing. Some paintings are relaxing, others energetic. Choose the one you are drawn to, or ask me to paint one epecially for you”
Patricia’s Healing Hands can be found on Facebook, or leave a comment below.

Patricia Stone


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