It has been fantastic finding out what you think! We have a roving reporter who is often in the Horsefair who has told me that some days, there have been about 25 people stood around the window admiring and discussing the art work!

I personally overheard two local men talking about form and style of the paintings; critiquing one or two, and saying which they admired and why. I really wanted to interrupt them and “interview” them properly, but I didn’t want to disturb their chat.

The artists themselves have all said how much they enjoy being a part of it. Some have exhibited before, but many haven’t and they have been both excited and apprehensive to offer their work. It has been a privilege to be allowed to display it, and great that they’ve given me free rein to display it how I wanted to. It was good to hear that while the way I display the work hasn’t always been how they would have done it, they’ve been pleased with the results.

My favourite though is one person who has told me how inspiring it has been, seeing the changing exhibition. It has encouraged him to go back to his teenage years and follow advice from his art teacher to do more drawing and enjoy it. Just hearing that one story, and I hope there are many others, has made the work worthwhile for me. I wanted to show art to the general public, in an easily accessible form, to prove to the wider world that there is art in Wisbech and that Wisbech people do want to see it and they do appreciate it.

Kevin Smith, who runs the Horsefair Shopping Centre has been given some great feedback, and he himself has been at every exhibition set up and has been instrumental in the style of display and also helped with hammering in nails for hanging! (Much more difficult than it looks!)

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