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Jacqui Stockman

Jacqui Stockman

Gathering of the Harvest, near Glinton, Peterborough, acrylic. I took up painting in 1998 and have been successful in selling a few paintings during the years. I was originally brought up in the village of Murrow, Nr. Wisbech. I have always loved art and during 

Fenland Farming

Fenland Farming

Sugar beet harvesting – one day in three photographs

Walking Home

Walking Home

Walking home at night as Autumn turns to Winter, the colder evenings are bringing mists and giving us opportunities for some atmospheric photography.

From our contributor:

“I like a depth of field that puts areas out of focus where possible, as narrow as I can. I realised that without my glasses, that’s what things look like. There’s been a lot written about how eye problems and illnesses affecting vision impacted certain artists, so I think that’s why I find them pleasing – because it replicates what I actually see” – @Bouncybhall

Skies – Anita Bowles

Skies – Anita Bowles

Anita has been out and about again and shared her new photos with us! Look at those Fenland Skies!

Julie Baker

Julie Baker

My name is Julie Baker and I live in Sutton, a village on the edge of Sutton Gault and the Washes, an area of fen which is allowed to flood throughout the winter months. This landscape is the inspiration for my gouache paintings which are 

Amy Wormald

Amy Wormald

20-mile radius

by Amy Wormald

29 September – 11 October 2020

Open daily 12pm – 4pm (closed on Mondays)

Babylon Gallery

Waterside – Ely – CB7 4AU

Gallery opening times: Tuesday – Sunday 12pm – 4pm

Amy Wormald is a contemporary painter living in Ely whose colourful work is inspired by the Fens, construction and growth. The exhibition brings together paintings inspired by urban and rural landscapes within a 20-mile radius of Ely. Her work ranges from small studies of colour in nature, to large canvases of building sites and roadworks.

Amy was winner of the Cambridge Open Art Exhibition 2018 and shortlisted for the D-Contemporary Painting Prize in London in 2019.

The exhibition brings together original framed works in oil and acrylic to browse or buy. Entry to the gallery is free and all are welcome.




Six Miles – Leanne Moden

Six Miles – Leanne Moden

Six miles, again, we’ll go today…

Neill Robinson – Nature

Neill Robinson – Nature

From Neill: “These were all taken at various points during lockdown. I live in Guyhirn so a lot are of the surrounding area around the village, as for a long time we weren’t really allowed to go elsewhere! The exceptions being of 2 from King’s 

Seasickness – Leanne Moden

Seasickness – Leanne Moden

Here, there is clarity. A raw, persistent

truth – a cold disparity – hidden beneath

these tessellating fields. Fields stitched

by ditches to a muddy canvas. An after-

thought, a lost and lonely landmass.

Marshes marred by the harshness of

weather-worn trees. Each movement

of their aching limbs born of necessity.

That seasickness, which rises when

tracing that unaltered horizon, will

never fade. It is the price we pay to

come and stare into the eyes of gods,

to see ourselves, scratched and scattered

across unending skies and be reminded

just how much it mattered. The paling

moonlight dies, submerged and sinking,

but never fully sunk. No dampened way

of thinking, drunk on every part of these

wild and weary, sun-smeared fens. I’ll walk

each lonesome plough line, now as then.