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Where is Freedom Born – Pete Cox

Where is Freedom Born – Pete Cox

Is freedom born in a fire burning a palace?

St Peter’s and Castle Lodge Area – Anita Bowles

St Peter’s and Castle Lodge Area – Anita Bowles

“After lockdown I saw the world from new angles and with a new phone in hand I took some photos with wide lens of the St. Peter’s church. I’ve grown up in Elm and many generations before me. I’ve always loved taking photography and capturing 

Another Town – C J Mawganson

Another Town – C J Mawganson

What can be done

Is there ever a way

To recover a town

That has long had its day

Octavia Hill

Fought hard for reform

But who will campaign

For a town so forlorn

The cars on the bypass

Are all we hear now

The grinding of gears

That drown out the plough

The betting shop shutters

Slam down with regret

Whilst girls in pink tracksuits

Smoke e-cigarettes

The greenbelt’s been sold off

The horse has been knackered

The buildings are crumbling

The people are tattered

No jobs for the boys here

No shifts at the dock

Who wants to invest

In a town they forgot

The meetings, the Quangos

The best talking heads

Can’t give CPR

And revive what is dead

They’ll call in the diggers

And knock it all down

Then make a big car park

Of this once proud town

Mike Stallard

Mike Stallard

  Mike tells us: “The building is the centre of a tiny village in Hungary – I forget the name – which I did for my next door neighbour in return for a couple of jars of delicious pickles. It was her hometown. She moved 

Neill Robinson – Nature

Neill Robinson – Nature

From Neill: “These were all taken at various points during lockdown. I live in Guyhirn so a lot are of the surrounding area around the village, as for a long time we weren’t really allowed to go elsewhere! The exceptions being of 2 from King’s 

Clive Bilcliff

Clive Bilcliff

“One is a portrait in acrylics of my niece who is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit in Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary.

I painted it in tribute to her and all her NHS colleagues who have been helping in the fight against the coronavirus.

The other is a painting in oils of a local scene taken from a Lilian Reams b&w photo from I believe the 1920s (with kind permission of the Lilian Ream Trust).”


Cliff has kindly sent us some more work from his Lilian Ream work, which is a fantastic way to show you the work from this local photographer. From the Lilian Ream Trust website:

Lilian Ream was a remarkable woman who ran a number of businesses in Wisbech including the Borough Studio. She started her photographic career, at the age of 17, as an apprentice to Alfred Drysdale, a Wisbech photographer and, after working with a number of other local firms, she started her own studio in 1909.

In time she took over the photographic businesses in Wisbech and became a well-known figure in the area until her retirement, at the age of 72, in 1949. The family firm she built continued until 1971 and over this period she amassed a large collection of photographic negatives.