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Clive Bilcliff

Clive Bilcliff

One is a portrait in acrylics of my niece who is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit in Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary. I painted it in tribute to her and all her NHS colleagues who have been helping in the fight against the coronavirus. 

Aimee Virgo

Aimee Virgo

A young artist, Aimee is 22, we love the range of styles she’s working on. Thanks for contributing Aimee and for sharing with your friends!  

Luke Gillings

Luke Gillings

Here’s just a couple of pieces of Luke’s, check out his instagram for more!

Luke tells us:

I’m working on new stuff all the time and hopefully getting better.

Ive been sketching mainly during the lock down working on gesture drawing trying to put more action in my work where I have none in life at the minute. I am also trying to learn more about digital art and design.
I grew up in Wisbech, lived here all my life, drew since I was very small and am now trying to improve on something I always enjoyed doing.





Interesting subjects, and textures. Living locally for 11 years, Simone wanted to share her work with us although she hasn’t created in a while. We hope this inspires her to do some more.  

Six Miles – Leanne Moden

Six Miles – Leanne Moden

Six miles Six miles, again, we’ll go today, for honour built on broken blades. We’ll tame these meres; skate far and fast, with hopes that winter, long may last. For cold that creeps and freezes fen brings out the Runners once again. In tests of 

Lockdown House Call – Kim Allen

Lockdown House Call – Kim Allen

Lockdown House Call

Every day’s the same

Except today, the day my Swallow came

Swooping low, wheeling back

An accomplished aerial acrobat.

Taking a moment to stop and chat,

he told the tale of his journey 

From South Africa to here.

Asked politely where I’d been.

The big Tesco last week

and to the park each day,

only for an hour though,

I sighed in reply.

He told me about his flock.

Making murmurations,

flying in formation,

roosting together.

I shared anecdotes

Of cats interrupting

Work from home conference calls

and virtual socialising fails

He cocked his head

Nodded once.

took flight and left.

Will he return?

Tomorrow, I’ll be waiting.

No more time to wallow

I’ll stay at home, hoping

looking for my swallow.

Kim Allen

Social Distances – Kim Allen

Social Distances – Kim Allen

All the social distances you need. Roll up, roll up have I got a bargain for you All the social distances you need Measures for all. A size that fits For you, and you and you and you Let’s start with something simple Just half as long 

A Recipe – Kim Allen

A Recipe – Kim Allen

A Recipe for Beginning Afresh using lockdown store cupboard ingredients. Before the counting’s done, while it’s still fresh, take one wobbly cyclist newly confident on empty roads. A cup of watching nature in the garden. At least 500g of birdsong, feel free to add more to taste. As much 

Ghost Buses by Lorna Sugden

Ghost Buses by Lorna Sugden

Ghost buses. Lorna Sugden


The buses are running,

And this time, they are on time,

Because all the traffic

Is no longer there.

But the drivers keep driving,

Making stops at empty shelters,

At empty depots.

Where did all the people go?

Or are they still there?

Slumped on seats,

Blank eyed, faces pale,

Riding on ghost buses.

Judi by Lorna Sugden

Judi by Lorna Sugden

Lorna has also submitted a poem, pop over to our poetry section to read it (Ghost Buses)