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A Recipe – Kim Allen

A Recipe – Kim Allen

Before the counting’s done…

Six Miles – Leanne Moden

Six Miles – Leanne Moden

Six miles, again, we’ll go today…

Shelley Youell

Shelley Youell

Shelley is a Spiritual Artist producing work on all kinds of media, often featuring Angel like figures.

Find her on Facebook.

Brandon Mattless

Brandon Mattless

Local Illustrator/Designer, Brandon has produced work that has been sold across the UK including: Waitrose, ASDA, Clintons & UK Greetings He works with the Wisbech and Fenland Museum on ideas to support young artists. He has kindly sent us some of his pieces of Wisbech, 

In the Wash – Diane Calton Smith

In the Wash – Diane Calton Smith

Local writer Diane tells us a little about what she did during Lockdown – a productive time for many. Writing Fenland Histories and Mysteries has been part of my life for the last six years, but lockdown really gave my writing a boost. There was 

Another Town – C J Mawganson

Another Town – C J Mawganson

What can be done

Is there ever a way

To recover a town

That has long had its day

Octavia Hill

Fought hard for reform

But who will campaign

For a town so forlorn

The cars on the bypass

Are all we hear now

The grinding of gears

That drown out the plough

The betting shop shutters

Slam down with regret

Whilst girls in pink tracksuits

Smoke e-cigarettes

The greenbelt’s been sold off

The horse has been knackered

The buildings are crumbling

The people are tattered

No jobs for the boys here

No shifts at the dock

Who wants to invest

In a town they forgot

The meetings, the Quangos

The best talking heads

Can’t give CPR

And revive what is dead

They’ll call in the diggers

And knock it all down

Then make a big car park

Of this once proud town

Mike Stallard

Mike Stallard

  Mike tells us: “The building is the centre of a tiny village in Hungary – I forget the name – which I did for my next door neighbour in return for a couple of jars of delicious pickles. It was her hometown. She moved 

Make a Wish – Anne Evans

Make a Wish – Anne Evans

Mixed Media and MDF Anne tells us: “I am 77 years old and during lockdown I had to isolate, to keep myself busy and my mind active I used this time to craft. Creating things has got me through lockdown. I made this piece with 

Alice – Emma Evans

Alice – Emma Evans

acrylic on canvas with a mixed media clock.
Emma tells us:

I was inspired due to the way the world had changed during the start of coronavirus, everything was nearly the same but not quite right so I wanted to create a piece of work to reflect this.

The strange wonderland world appealed to me and I decided to paint my version of it.  The clock where the hands don’t move represented the limbo we were all in during lockdown.

Clive Bilcliff

Clive Bilcliff

“One is a portrait in acrylics of my niece who is a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit in Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary. I painted it in tribute to her and all her NHS colleagues who have been helping in the fight against the coronavirus. 

Aimee Virgo

Aimee Virgo

A young artist, Aimee is 22, we love the range of styles she’s working on. Thanks for contributing Aimee and for sharing with your friends!  

Luke Gillings

Luke Gillings

Here’s just a couple of pieces of Luke’s, check out his instagram for more!

Luke tells us:

I’m working on new stuff all the time and hopefully getting better.

Ive been sketching mainly during the lock down working on gesture drawing trying to put more action in my work where I have none in life at the minute. I am also trying to learn more about digital art and design.
I grew up in Wisbech, lived here all my life, drew since I was very small and am now trying to improve on something I always enjoyed doing.





Interesting subjects, and textures. Living locally for 11 years, Simone wanted to share her work with us although she hasn’t created in a while. We hope this inspires her to do some more.  

Lockdown House Call – Kim Allen

Lockdown House Call – Kim Allen

Every day’s the same…

All the Social Distances You Need – Kim Allen

All the Social Distances You Need – Kim Allen

Roll up, roll up have I got a bargain for you

All the social distances you need

Measures for all.

A size that fits

For you, and you and you and you

Let’s start with something simple

Just half as long as a Volkswagen Beetle

The length of a King size bed

9/10 as tall as an artificial Christmas tree

1 and 1/5 times as tall as Napoleon

What about some landmarks?

1/25 as tall as Nelson’s column

1/30 as tall as the leaning tower of Pisa

1/45 as tall as the statue of liberty

1/50 as tall as Big Ben

For the golfers 40 times as tall as a golf tee

And the plane spotters

1/35 the wingspan of a 747

Any hairdressers?

20,000 times the thickness of a strand of hair

Something for everyone

0.000000005 times the distance from the earth to the moon.

1,500 times the length of a grain of sand.

1,000, 000 times the length of an E.coli bacterium.

1, 500,000,000 times the length of a glucose molecule

You at the back

Yes you

What does that add up to?

Give the girl a prize

15 people in a queue

Kim Allen

Ghost Buses – Lorna Sugden

Ghost Buses – Lorna Sugden

The buses are running…

Judi by Lorna Sugden

Judi by Lorna Sugden

Lorna has also submitted a poem, pop over to our poetry section to read it (Ghost Buses)

Tom’s Football Game – Cardinal Cox

Tom’s Football Game – Cardinal Cox

A figure stands in Walpole St. Peter’s churchyard 
Raised for Tom Hickathrift, the hero of the fen
I will tell you this tale, although I am no bard 
About Tom, mighty giant amongst lesser men 
One Sunday when all good folk were in church to pray 
A crooked figure stood outside the churchyard wall
Yelled a challenge, “Hey Tom, why don’t you come and play?”
And the twisted form stood by a mighty stone ball
Now proud Tom could not resist so joined in the game 
They kicked the boulder between them for many hours 
Tom knew he did not need to ask the other’s name 
His opponent had a horned head and strange powers 
The game ran from morning to end of evensong 
When Tom won the game had lasted 12 hours long.
Jane Stuart – by Cardinal Cox

Jane Stuart – by Cardinal Cox

Natural princess in a basement room…