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If you’re interested in the arts in the area, in any form, and think you can contribute to new ideas and come up with and support projects, you should have a look at this link from the Creative People and Places Project. There’s no time limit on when to apply, so just have a read and get in touch with them.




Community Art

Have you heard about tax discs? No-one need have them on their screen any more! I didn’t think we should all throw them away, as I’ve always thought they had pretty colours, and now’s my chance to do something with them! I have collected a few over the years, but it would be great to have many more – as many as possible – as I have a number of ideas as to what to do with them!

There is no value in the discs as far as I’m aware, despite some attempts on a well known auction site, but of course go ahead and try if you think you have a rare one! Otherwise, just drop them off at Etcetera in town, (near the Clarkson Memorial). Go to the back of the shop, near the Post Office area, and pop your old discs in the collection box.

Whatever is created with them will be for the community – any sale would benefit a local charity and/or community organisation.


thankyou for your support of the Wisbech Art Space – created to show art of all kinds to the people of Wisbech and give local artist/makers an opportunity to share their creative enthusiasm with the public.


New Artist!

(See more on the winners of the dream shop competition by clicking the tab above or click here)

Meanwhile, Suzy Thomas joins the Art Space with her watercolour illustrations of family homes. She has two on display at the Art Space (in the shop opposite the Co-op and next to the Bus Station) both of which show a family at leisure in their garden and also ilustrate the house. Full of detail, do go along and have a look, and if you’d like an illustration of your own house, get in touch via comments and your details will be passed on to Suzy.

We are moving!

As our first space has now been let, we are lucky that the Horsefair have offered us another space!

It’s the end of the month and the time we’d normally switch over anyway, so we’ll sort out this exhibition and work on plans for the next one, taking a short break.

Meanwhile, you will be able to find a small display in the window of the new place – can you find it?
post a photo 🙂

also, any comments about the idea and what you’ve seen so far are most welcome.

Lorena and Kevin

PS the artist information will be updated soon


Welcome all visitors! We hope you enjoy the display in the Horsefair. As the artists display their work, so their details will appear here; if you wish to buy a piece of art, get in touch.

Please do consider supporting the project in this way as all costs and work is currently being covered by volunteers and the artists themselves, thankyou!

Currently displaying:

A number of local artists, brought together in one group to show the variety of work that has been offered for exhibition. We chose to put up as many as we could, contrasting colour, style and format. We had problems keeping them straight in this fenland town, just like at home…

Last month’s work:
Shelley Youell, Spiritual Art